Script Anubis – Helping Clients Make Long-Lasting Impressions Through Writing

ATLANTA – Written by Mel

Script Anubis is the freelance writing extension of my company, Lactrodectus Entertainment LLC, which is a writer’s production company administratively located in Marietta, Georgia.

In ancient Egyptian religion, Anubis was a deity that was responsible for preparing the bodies of Pharaohs for the afterlife.

Anubis performed the mummification process by extracting important vital organs from the body, drying the body using a natural drying agent called natron, and wrapping the body with bandages –  a process meant to preserve the body for an eternity.

The Script Anubis Guiding You to More Clients Through Written Words

When I decided to take on this writing identity, I thought about the mummification process and how sacred, delicate and deliberate it was in ancient Egyptian history.

I wanted to take on these qualities as a writer, so I envisioned preserving my clients writing in the same way that great kings and queens were preserved in Egyptian culture.

I want to infuse quality and delicacy into the writing process making whatever piece of work that I design for clients something that will last a long time and be an awe-inspiring piece of work in the same way that Egyptian funerary tombs continue to astound many.

The Script Anubis blog is meant to be an ongoing marketing strategy that will encourage clients to utilize the services of my writing business.


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